The Intentional Life

I decided to call this blog The Intentional Life because intentionality is a theme that I try to incorporate into nearly everything I do (or opt not to do) in life. Sometimes it’s in the big things like choosing to live in a neighborhood where my family & I can make a difference in the community, or committing to making organic plant-based baby food from scratch every week, so that our daughter will start life with the best possible health & physical development we can give her. Sometimes it’s in the little things like rinsing out plastic food containers before recycling them, or parallel parking with only a foot between my front bumper & the driveway so that as many cars as possible can fit behind my car. Also, since life is such a broad topic, the name allows me the freedom of discussing topics about which I’m passionate, such as: my Christian faith, race relations, food justice, community development & urban living. I don’t claim to be an expert on any topic; more like your fellow explorer on a quest for truth & wisdom.

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